I am not a plastic surgeon who will promise you quick fixes. I am a coach on a mission to help you transform your body. We will overcome obstacles AND achieve incredible results together throughout your transformation journey results.

How can I help you?


Fat Loss

Lose weight and keep it off for good

Strength & Conditioning

Build the strongest and fittest version of yourself


Nutrition Coaching

Learn the latest evidence-based nutrition science


Muscle Mass

Build muscle and look good in a t-shirt or naked

Client success stories

My clients have experienced remarkable improvements in their health, strength, and body fat levels.

Who is Andy Dzekanskas?

Weight Loss, Strength and Nutrition Coach

Andy, a former hydrogeologist engineer, made a transformative career leap driven by his burning passion for fitness and continuous commitment to scientific, evidence-based approaches in training, nutrition, and holistic health. With over a decade of experience, Andy dedicated his expertise to busy professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, and athletes.

For ten plus years

The results? His clients experience a profound transformation – soaring confidence, enhanced mental and physical health, sharpened decision-making abilities, and overall well-being.

Here's an overview of how I work

Step One

We start with an initial assessment: an initial assessment to understand your current fitness level, health history, goals, and any limitations or injuries you may have.

Step Two

We set goals: I will work with you to set realistic and specific fitness goals based on information gathered during the assessment. 

Step Three

We create a personalised workout and nutrition program: I will design a personalised workout & nutrition program tailored to your goals, experience level, and any specific dietary preferences.

It's about you!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Tools & strategies that work

Renowned for his deep-seated passion and continual pursuit of knowledge, Andy consistently enriches his expertise with the latest scientific research in training, nutrition, and recovery. His approach is not just about fitness; it’s a comprehensive journey towards achieving peak performance and optimal health.